About the Artist

giseGise creates and works at her studio in Jerseyville Ontario, on the farm she has run with her husband since 1980. After her camera broke and her kids were old enough to go to school she re-started her life long passion for making things with her hands.

She is now an active sculptor and member of the thriving Dundas art community. Her work can be found in collections in North America, Europe, and Japan.

2006-04-25 103522 ~ SquareIn her work she captures movement and liveliness while pushing the clay medium and firing process as far as it will go. She is challenging the conventions and traditions of Raku by defining new shapes and scales of pieces that can survive the harsh process of a Raku firing. Every creation is unique, carefully hand built from clay slab, bisque fired, then glazed, and finally Raku fired.

Each completed piece expresses Gise’s strong characteristic style, and is a rare and exceptional addition to any collection.